When creating a profile you can also create your public profile for your brand which can represent a band, an artist, group or an influencer. Your profile represents your music maker profile and/or content creator profile. You need to have a profile to:
  • download music from the Free Music Library
  • distribute music to DSPs
  • to split your royalties with other members or other music makers directly on the platform
    collaborate with other music makers or content creators in the Collab-house
  • get paid for your royalties or collaboration
You can invite other people to join your profile, which allows you to add your manager, contributors, or other relevant members to your profile.

When logged in, click on the icon under your account in the top right corner, and choose ‘Create a Profile from the dropdown menu. Once you have added all the required information, you can save your changes and edit theprofile accordingly.

Click on the specific profile that you would like to invite your members to and go to edit your profile. Click on ‘Invite Members’, add the email address of the people that you would like to invite and click on ‘Send invitation’. Once your invitee accepts the invitation received by email, they will need to create their own personal user account and can join your profile.

Click on the name of your profile from the dropdown menu under your account name and edit the profile from the "Edit your profile" section. You can add your music IDs for distribution, social links, Collabs preferences or edit your payment details.

Yes, you can create as many profiles you need to manage all your music and collabs on Ledo.

Anyone that helps you with your music can be part of your profile (manager, producer, etc.) and they will all have admin access. Generally, members of your profile help you with your music management or marketing, and all team members also need a personal user account where they can fill in their own details for direct payment.

If you would like to delete your team profile, please email support at

You can email support at Please note that any content that has already been sent to the DSPs, will not be deleted together with the content of your profile.