Ledo is a disruptive marketplace for independent music makers and content creators built for the era of social media. Ledo makes it easy for you to distribute your music and to monetise your content through collaborative partnerships on social media.

As a self-serving platform Ledo offers the full range of features that will help your release reach its full potential:
  • DISTRIBUTION - Free distribution to all leading DSPs and social media platforms with team access to every release to keep the process truly collaborative.
  • FREE MUSIC LIBRARY - Free Music Library of original independent music, with the rights cleared for you to use in your social content and all types of branded or non-branded content.
  • COLLAB-HOUSE - Set your Collab preferences to find the right match, collaborate with like-minded creatives, and tap into each others’ fanbases to increase your reach and following.

If you are a music maker of at least 18 years old who owns or controls the full rights to its master recording(s) and has approval from the publisher to publish the tracks through Ledo, then you can use Ledo to distribute your music, to work with multiple contributors, to share your royalties, and to collaborate with leading content creators to get your music promoted and heard.
If you are a content creator and at least 18 years old, then you can use Ledo to earn income for promoting music that you love, to collaborate with like-minded creatives, and to increase your following on social media.

As a music maker, you can upload your track and distribute it to all leading DSPs and social media platforms in one go. Ledo has automated a lot of features and functionalities to make it easy to use and to avoid the complicated process of music distribution. With Ledo’s Collab-house you have the option to choose between fixed fees or shared success for social collaboration so that you can invest whatever you consider appropriate into the promotion of your music.

As a content creator, you can make use of the Free Music Library by selecting your favourite track out of the list of fully cleared high-quality original music to use in your creative content. You can also explore the collaboration functionality that allows you to collaborate with fellow creatives and uncover a way to make your other content stand out. Tap into each other's fanbase and increase your following by working directly with music makers on your terms.

You can, of course, take both the music maker’s as well as the content creator’s side and explore all features of the Ledo platform in one place: Distribution, Free Music Library, and Collab-house.

To make full use of the Ledo platform you first need to create a personal user account. Once you have created your personal user account, you will need to create a public team profile, representing an artist group, a band or a content creator. To understand why and how to create a team, check the answer below.

Amuse, Tunecore, CD Baby, Spinnup are known to be independent digital music distribution and publishing platforms.

Ledo makes available the complete offering for releasing music. While distribution is a hygiene component of the platform, Ledo focuses on the exposure part after the distribution and is the first music distribution and collaboration platform of its kind. Ledo makes it possible for music makers to release their music whilst also getting the exposure needed to make their release a success. On top of that, Ledo also enables content creators to find original and fully cleared new music for their channels.

As a music maker, you can work with leading influencers to get your music promoted and heard, and as a content creator, you can get paid for promoting the music you love, with both parties gaining access to new followers on social media.

Key features of Ledo:
  • Easy distribution to all DSPs that matter in a matter of days
  • Social media promotion with direct access to content creators
    Free Music Library with fully cleared music to use for creative content
    Monetisation on all leading social media platforms
    Analytics of leading streaming platforms and social media platforms in one overview
  • Automatic payment splitting to all royalty sharing members
  • Financial dashboard insights of the earned money
  • All features and functionalities included with no fixed fees

As long as you’re at least 18 years old and have read and agreed to our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and, if applicable to you, the Distribution Terms and Free Music Library License Agreement, you’re ready to use Ledo.