The Collab-house is a marketplace where music makers and content creators come together to collaborate on the promotion of music through social media campagnes. In the Collab-house, Ledo users can find each other, check out each other’s profiles and choose to start a collaboration by sending a proposal.

You can start using the Collab-house marketplace by setting up your profile preferences for collabs to help you find the perfect match to collaborate with. Once you have found a collaborator, whether it’s a music maker or a content creator, you can send out a proposal to them. Your potential collaborator can either accept your proposal or can send you a counter-proposal to negotiate and finetune the Collab. You can agree on the terms of the Collab and set up your desired payment option: fixed fee or royalty share.

A Collab can offer you the possibility to promote your release through the social media exposure of content creators. You can collaborate with like-minded creatives to create engaging content around your release and tap into each other’s fanbase to increase your following.

You can start by setting up your profile for the Collab-house to help you find the perfect match to Collab with. From the Collab overview page, you can filter based on the role or Collab type and check the profiles that you are interested in.

Once you have identified a profile of a music maker or content creator that you would like to start a Collab with, you can send out a proposal to the specific profile and include your track, proposal and/or content brief. Your selected collaborator will then need to reply to your proposal by either accepting, by sending you a counter-proposal or by declining your offer, depending on their interests and availability.

You can decide how you would like to reward your collaborator for the social push and choose between a fixed fee or royalty share. The fixed fee will be paid out after the end date of the campaign and the royalty shares will be paid out monthly until the end of the campaign.

Yes, you can propose a preferred publishing date for the agreed social media posts to your collaborator, who will need to confirm this.

For fixed-fee collabs, your collaborator will need to submit a proof of delivery containing links to the live posts, which you will be able to review and accept.

If there is a dispute amongst collaborators, the collaborators need to resolve this themselves. However feel free to reach out to us for assistance in case you have a dispute or a disagreement with one of your fellow collaborators you are unable to resolve. You can email us at and make sure to state your name, email address and a detailed description of the issue, and we will make sure to look into it as soon as possible.

Make sure that you have set up your Collab preferences including payment details in the edit profile page, to receive the payment through the method that you agreed on - a fixed fee or royalties share.