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Music Makers: upload your tracks to the platform, get your music on social media platforms and DSPs worldwide, and start getting paid.

How it works


Set Up Profile

Start by setting up a profile. Give the profile your public artist name. Add your team members — band members, managers — anyone involved that you want to split earnings with.


Upload Your Music

Upload your track and add vital release details to make it searchable. Enter each Team members’ royalty percentages. Ledo will crunch the numbers monthly and pay everyone out automatically.


Track Your Tracks

Keep an eye on how your releases are doing in your analytics Dashboard.

Bypass the suits. Own your masters.

Don't ever sign away your rights just to get heard. Some tasks that labels charge for are completely automated by Ledo, like:

  • Distribution to all leading platforms within 5 days or less

  • Royalty split calculations and direct payments

  • ISRC/UPC code generation

Get Your Tracks Onto

Apple Music
Amazon Music
Google Play Music

Check Performance Stats

See all of your track's important figures in one place. Filter your view to see up close where your music is taking off.

Ledo's Launch Deal

To celebrate the launch of Ledo, Music Makers can enjoy free distribution for all of their tracks and keep 100% of their royalties. The collab-house and Free Music Library are and will remain free. As of September 1st 2021, Music Makers choose one of the two:

  • Keep 100% of your royalties for 5 euro per track


  • Enjoy free distribution for a 5% royalty share

Free Exposure For Free Music

It's one thing to release your music. But how do you reach people that will love it? On Ledo you can make tracks available on the Free Music Library for free promotion and to reach new audiences.

About Free Music

“Ledo puts the power back right into the artist's hands.”

- Puri

“Ledo is incredibly disruptive giving artists the perfect tool to distribute and to promote our music.”

- Levop

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