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Ledo’s Collab-house is where Music Makers and Content Creators find genuine partnerships, take control of creative output, and build each other’s fans and revenues on social media.

How it works


Find A Match

Tailor your profile to let other Ledo users know what sort of music collaborations you’re interested in.


Share Your Ideas

Propose how you’d like to collaborate. Keep talking until you’ve reached an agreement you’re both happy with


Go Live

Upload and launch to a dedicated following. Once the influencer provides proof of delivery, the artist approves an agreed payment.

Freedom to Create

In the Collab-house, influencers can create content with music they're genuinely feeling. The artist can get exposure with a welcoming audience. The result: more follows and earnings for doing what you love.

You Control Your Creative

On Ledo you're free to decide your collaboration terms. Music Makers can choose from a fixed fee model, or opt for a royalty share in exchange for exposure.

Meet Like-Minded Collaborators

Set your preferences to find the perfect match for a productive partnership.

“Collaborating with artists directly is the future for music and content creators”

- Valeria Sandoval

“Ledo is the extension of artists' creativity and goals.”

- Kaj van der Voort

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