About Ledo

The music collaboration platform where music makers meet content creators.

The platform

Music is about freedom. Whether you're searching for the right free music for your content or looking to release your own track. Ledo makes it simple for you to market and monetise your music and content through collaborative partnerships on social media.

The Mission

Whether it's making music or making content, we think that the creatives should be in control. In the past, suits, lawyers, labels and contracts have sometimes made that tricky, but to Ledo's founders, the solution seemed obvious. Why not cut out the middle man? Our platform is the missing link between music makers looking for an audience, and content creators who are looking to collaborate. Creative freedom with the chance to gain new exposure, or keep an audience engaged with new and independent music - so it's unstoppable music collaborations all the way.

Meet the founders

Ledo is the brainchild of two music influencers who wanted to shake things up a bit. Together, they assembled a team of business minds, tech nerds, agitators, and marketeers, who all had one thing in common: a love of music.

Sarah Hildering

Co-founder & CEO

“The era of social media has empowered creators to connect more directly, and has offered them transparency on how to promote themselves. Artists and influencers now have access to data and can make more impact compared to the traditional marketing model of music. We built a platform based on the principle of creative freedom and ownership. Today, almost a third of all music is already being self-released by artists in this 12 billion dollar streaming economy. Whereas, 150 million content creators are not properly monetising their socials of which music is the beating heart. Ledo allows both artists and influencers to collaborate directly so that independent music can be promoted and monetised effectively on social media by the creators themselves. Ledo is the result of a long road learning from, and working with independent talent: that creativity thrives when set free.”

Eelko van Kooten


“I am well aware of the pain points that music makers experience with regards to managing their music, their royalty income and successfully promoting their music. I wanted to build something that would offer a solution to today's independent artist. To give back the creative control to those who make the music and connect the worlds of music makers and content creators Ledo allows both worlds to collaborate but also become more successful together than they would individually. I am extremely excited for the launch and contributing to the success of both those worlds in the age of social media dominance.”

“Collaborating with artists directly is the future for music and content creators”

- Valeria Sandoval

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